Build Your Brand•let us help take your brand to the next level

Spectrum can assist you in developing or re-launching your brands. Through out competitive knowledge of local and global market trends we can ensure that your brand is represented the way you want to see it. Spectrum can assist you in the development of brand analysis, logo development, range catalogues, label plans, visual merchandising concepts, point of sales strategy, promotional support and creative website design.
  • brand creation
  • logo & identity.
  • brand style guides aligned with your brand values & goals.
  • complete seasonal range catalogues
  • detailed label plans.
  • VM stratagies and concepts.
  • website visual design concepts.
  • corporate profiles & annual reports.
  • visual marketing material both digital and printed.
Folio Examples:

YOUTH licence brand development- POS and label plan

HOLDEN- casual mens, womens & childrens range catalogue

MONGOOSE- boyswear casualwear range catalogue & brand re-launch

YOUTH licence brand development- brand aesthetic & label plan

YOUTH licence brand development- brand trend direction & product development

SPALDING- ladies capsule range & POS

Surf brand DNA & label plan

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