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Spectrum offers the convenient service of compiling style production packs to compliment the design service. Our team comes armed with extensive apparel manufacturing knowledge allowing us to take you from design through to production. We can aid your costing process & prepare detailed & accurate garment tech & artwork packs (no graded specifications).
  • costing style sheets covering all key details for accurate costing evaluation.
  • garment analysis packs covering fabrication, trim, stitching & construction details.
  • artpacks include to scale artwork, quality samples and production ready artfiles.
  • artwork garment placements.
  • all documents are formatted for easy translation providing more accurate results.
  • spectrum can work to your format or use spectrums template proven with multiple factories across China, India and Bangaldesh as easy to follow.
  • spectrum’s production packs do not include graded specifications.
Folio Examples:

garment analysis pack examples available- contact us now

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